Security Force is a well-established company actively operating in industry for more than 25 years. With the a wealth of experience locally company’s Operations Director has 42 years’ experience in the South African security industry. With the top 3 Members having a 100 years combined experience.
Security Force revolves around a decentralized management style, having a hands-on approach.

Offering all round service through all sectors with the focus being on providing Static Security Officers across a variety of business sectors, which include Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail security officers amongst others.

The newest division of the company is the Armed Response Division which was established with the key focus of providing better support to clients as well as assisting to cover our existing clientele in the Residential Sector.

Included in the Response Division came the development of a Technical Division, Specialising in CCTV, Alarm Systems, Electric Fencing, Biometrics and also providing our Security Officers with the best equipment to optimize productivity.

The company also boasts a very Active Special Events Unit with a wealth of projects under its belt, such as Wrestling Tournaments, Soccer Events, Concerts inclusive of VIP protection, Chauffer Services, Escorting and so on… evening catering to more personal needs such as Wedding Functions, Charity Events and Religious Programs.

With the level of experience and know-how in our local market, There is very little we don’t cover.



  • Establish a procedure with defined protocols with the Client.

  • Increase and Amend protocols in line with client’s operation changes

  • Revaluate methods in line with current crime trends in the area and otherwise.

  • Rewarding excellence

  • Penalizing non-conformance


Our security officers are carefully screened prior to employment and are, upon appointment given a thorough specialist training in all aspects of security and client relationships.

All employees have a background where they would have acquired skills of self-discipline and responsibility.

We always attach great importance to the appearance and manners of our staff, as we are aware that this will reflect upon the image of our clients to their customers, visitors and the general public. Thus, our employees are at all times presentable, cheerful, courteous and demonstrate and intelligent approach to their duties.

Although it is imperative for security employees to take an initiative in the case of a security consideration, they are encouraged to be otherwise unobstructive.

Our supervisors are experienced in all aspects of security and have demonstrated skills in management. As a pre-requisite, they must have a track-end record of at least 3 years successful operation in the mainstream of the security industry.

They are personally selected on the basis of their demonstrated achievement of high standards and their ability to motivate and lead.

We at Security Force encourage communication between all our staff and management, so as to create an amicable and efficient workforce.

We provide an appropriately qualified security manager who will take responsibility for the general management of a specific site.
This individual will act as the liaison between Security Force and the Client.


Security Force subscribes to the philosophy of DECENTRALISED MANAGEMENT.
This philosophy enables us to:

  • Become far more pro-active and responsive to each client’s specific needs

  • Incentive and reward achievement

  • Practice the “Stakeholder” philosophy

  • Be flexible to local demands and conditions

  • Provide exceptional levels of service

We believe that security Force has the Vision the Management and a Team of dedicated professionals who will enable us to continue our path of Growth through relentless pursuit of Quality and Response to our client’s Needs.

We strive to create and offer a service to our customers which is distinctive, and at the same time to give them the best value.

We further strive to lift the level of professionalism within the security industry by enforcing careful planning and support.

At the end of the day, we strive to offer the best service to all our clients.